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UST Learn and Live Survival Wayfinding Kit


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Be prepared! Especially for a day exploring the great outdoors. This is a great starter kit from UST ideal for teaching kids about outdoor life or as a gift.


This handy kit includes a quick pocket guide and a Waypoint Compass that allows you to find your way easily when in the great outdoors. The cards are a reference guide which outline how to use a compass, a map and more to help you find your way.

The UST Learn And Live Way Finding Kit is supplied in a water resistant, durable plastic case and is the perfect kit for camping, hiking and those who want to learn how to navigate outdoors using the traditional method of a map and compass.

Ideal for learning navigation when outdoors
Way Finding Cards - guide outlining how to use a compass, map, and more
Waypoint Compass - durable, liquid-filled compass
Water-resistant carrying case (not intended for submersion)

Dimensions: 4.5” x 4” x 1.5”
Weight: 91g


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