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The Little Book Of Shells


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When we pick up a shell on the beach, we notice its beautiful shape or attractive colours, but how often do we consider what it tells us about the creature that made it, and the evolutionary journey that led to its particular characteristics? This book introduces you to the extraordinary variety of forms into which molluscs mould their shells, and the impressive types of external protection they have developed for a range of habitats.

Intricate structures shown here range from the tapering whorls of a triangular nutmeg to the spectacular spines of the Venus Comb Murex, from the spiral chambers of a nautilus to the frilly ribs of the wedding cake venus. These distinctive features of shells not only tell us about their genealogy, but also serve as an archive of the animal’s life, indicating its size, habitat and growth pattern. And this gallery of pearl oysters, periwinkles, cowries and many more illustrates how shells can be as delicate as porcelain, coloured with iridescent pastels, or boldly patterned with a glossy sheen.


Publisher: Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9780711252691
Number of pages: 176
Dimensions: 190 x 140 mm


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