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StepArt Unisex Swimshorts ‘Skull Flower’

£62.00 £18.60

Stylish tie-front swimshorts for men and women. Look closer and you'll see a hidden skull motif in the floral print!

Upbeat and eclectic, StepArt's tees and beachwear are a constant favourite with Marsha By The Sea customers and appeal to all ages, from seven to 77. Plus, we love their cool cuts and soft fabrics.

Based in Hossegor near the surf capital of Biarritz in France, StepArt brings together artists and graphic designers to create the coolest of tees. Founded by mates Morgan and Quentin, StepArt is based on the idea of dressing people in art using the most worn item in the world - the T-shirt - as a canvas. Each year they commission new collections from rising artists and graphic designers from around the world.


100% Polyester


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