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Sideline Twilight Pouch


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A perfectly formed pouch with serious posing potential. The twilight blue colours and moon-like shapes of this embroidered, 100% cotton pouch are classically Sideline. It's all you need for your essentials.Pictured with the Dawn pouch (red, black, gingham).

British contemporary womenswear label SIDELINE is a highly coveted label offering long-wearing, relaxed and feminine, everyday clothing that is designed to be worn, returned to, and loved again and again.

“I design for the women around me... They’re not interested in faddy, throwaway clothing, instead coveting unique pieces that show integrity and thoughtfulness in their design,” says founder Ellen Brookes whose studio is on England’s south coast.
SIDELINE prides itself on ethical and sustainable practices, prioritising ethical manufacturing, fair working conditions and living wages. They have eliminated single use plastic from their process completely.

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