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Rhoeco 2-Pack Christmas Herbal Tea Blend


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Made with love and passion in Greece, Rhoeco teas are strikingly different. Rhoeco is a word formation inspired by the Greek word ‘ροή’ [rhoē] -meaning flow-, ecology [eco] and cooperation [co]. The teas are made by the Rhoeco team by hand, with honesty and integrity.

The Christmas tea is a unique and balanced combination of herbs and spices that immediately put you in a festive mood - or is simply comforting throughout the year. 

The fine mix of sage, orange zest, cinnamon and ginger, in combination with the delicious Greek mountain tea and even more herbs, gives a striking warming taste, with a fresh hint of the lemon verbena.

Rhoeco produces high-quality herbal teas, while constantly striving to contribute to a greener and safer planet for future generations. The tea consists of a tasteful mix of flowers, herbs and mountain tea from Greek nature.

  • Certified organic.
  • Content 20 grams - good for 15-20 cups of tea
  • Naturally caffeine free.
  • You can enjoy it both hot and cold.
  • Boost the lemon flavour by adding a slice of lemon and a stem of pennyroyal to your tea.
  • Ingredients: mountain Tea, sage, orange zest, cinnamon, ginger.

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