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Oli & Carol H2Origami Sea Animals 3-Pack


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This set includes H2Origami Crab, Turtle and Whale.

The H2Origami collection is an under-the-sea whimsical theme that stimulates babies and kids’ imagination while raising awareness about respecting planet Earth, both its oceans and biodiversity. Inspired by one of Oli&Carol’s best-sellers, the Origami Boat, they created three living water creatures found in the deep blue ocean.

Oceans are suffering from a huge impact due to pollution. Therefore, with every purchase of an H2Origami character Oli&Carol donates 10¢ to Oceana Organization. The mission of Oceana is to clean oceans and biodiversity around the world with the objective of making our ecosystem a better and safer place to live in for all living creatures. Every tiny action counts and everybody should realize its duty to preserve and protect planet Earth.

Oli&Carol’s toys are made following an artisanal process with 100% natural rubber from Hevea trees, all in one piece with no holes, so they avoid the creation of bacteria inside. They are hand painted with natural pigments one by one, which make each of them unique.

H2Origamis are designed with no holes so when they’re floating about, no bacteria or mold is created! 

Size 10,5 x 7,5cm (crab)  10 x 10,5cm (turtle)  8 x 13,5cm (whale)

  • Made with 100% natural rubber from Hevea trees.
  • Soft, easy to grasp and safe to chew. Stimulates baby's senses and soothes teething gums.
  • Hand painted with natural pigments.
  • Completely safe for kids. `these products follow all international safety regulations standards of products for kids.
  • Highly hygienic, mold free. There are no holes in any of our designs preventing the presence and growth of bacteria and mold.
  • Eco-toys, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Used as teethers, bath toys, decorative objects and more.
  • Handmade taking care of every detail. There may be minor variations in colour and shape.
  • Socially responsible. With every Oli&Carol you are contributing to several social projects.

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