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Novesta Kids Star Master Velcro Limited Edition

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Novesta’s classic sneaker is now available for younger fans. Available with a velcro closure for kids who don’t have time for laces. This limited edition graphic style can be coloured in with felt tip markers! And there’s an adult hi-top style to match - twinning is winning!

Novesta is one of the coolest European footwear brands, with footwear manufactured to not only the highest styles standards but the highest environmental standards too. Their natural rubber and 100% cotton and linen materials are all certified - and the manufacturing  process creates minimal waste and uses minimal water. The Novesta brand dates back to the 1930s, when the famous shoemaker Jan Antonin Bata opened a new factory in the small town of Partizánske in the middle of Slovakia. Over time, Novesta has become one of the best-loved and most popular brands throughout Europe.

Perfect for kids who love to kick about and style it out!

Material: Natural rubber, 100% cotton, linen.