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Norfolk Natural Living Coastal Scented Candle


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Inspired by the spray whipped up from the Sea on the bracing coastal walks.

Your Coastal Scented Candle is made with natural wax. It is poured by hand in a workshop amongst the sprawling lavender fields of the Norfolk coast. 

Enjoy this 10oz candle for up to 50 hours, then re-use its glass jar to store trinkets or shells collected on your own coastal adventures.

You can make sure your scented candles last as long as possible by following a few easy tips. They work for all candles, not just the ones in this range. 

The first time you light it, make sure your candle stays lit for at least four hours or until there is an even layer of liquid wax on top. Without this, you are encouraging the candle to melt unevenly.

Although your candles smell lovely, try to give them time to relax between uses. At least 24 hours. Whilst that sounds a bit silly, it helps to stop burnt carbon deposits from building up and making the wick less effective. 


Norfolk Natural Living use completely recyclable materials in their packaging. That includes the bottles and jars that the products are housed in. Please take care to wash them out and re-use/recycle them after use.

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