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Moulin Roty Popipop Story Torch


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We appreciate a traditional toy here at Marsha By The Sea and this tiny torch can help your little one imagine big stories. Insert one of the three mini story wheels (Getting to School, Party Time and Everyone on the Bus), aim the torch at a flat surface, press the touch-sensitive trigger and enjoy the show. Just wait to hear what stories your little people come up with the narrate the images! The torch has a focus wheel to keep the image sharp and comes with 3 x lr44 watch batteries in a secure compartment. 

Moulin Roty is a French co-operative (originally founded in the 70s by a group of friends living in a commune) that is committed to re-working yesterdays toys for today's children. They're made safely and to the highest and kindest standards. But we love Moulin Roty's creations the most for their dreamy, retro appeal - and the way each toy is part of a bigger story.

Material: Plastic (phthalate-free), Mixed

Suggested Age: 3+

Size: 6x5cm

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