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Minois Delicate Skin Laundry Detergent


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Minois has teamed up with one of our favourite fragrance brands Kerzon, which makes fragranced laundry soap  in France, in the heart of Provence using a traditional method based on natural and biodegradable oils. Conceived for all-purpose laundering, it preserves the beauty of your favourite clothes and is kind to you skin, even the most sensitive softies among us. And it smells innocently delicious too!

Thank you, by using KERZON x MINOIS’S fragranced laundry soap, your are helping to reduce water pollution, waste production and energy consumption.

The details:

  • Enriched with organic Orange Flower Water, it cherishes your linens by bringing them softness and a delicate fragrance. 
  • Free of phtalate, paraben or bleach, it is perfectly formulated to tackle all your laundry challenges at temperature of 80 to 130 F.
  • Cruelty-Free, dermatologically tested
  • For ideal dosage and minimum impact on the environment, we recommended using the equivalent of one measuring cap by wash. 
  • This bottle enables about 22 washes. 
  • 500 ml / 33.34 fl.oz +/- 22 washes
  • Ingredients: 5-15% savon (soap), citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) flower water, parfum, benzyl alcohol.
  • Minois Paris was founded by Hélène Fulchi who wanted to create a range, "aimed at all mums who want to pay special attention to the care products they choose for their children.”
  • She has developed very mild formulas with ingredients of natural and organic origin that care for the most delicate skins and can be used from birth onwards.



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