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Mindful Thoughts For Stargazers


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We love nothing better than staring at the night sky while looking up from a beach.
Noticing the wonders of the night skies can foster a sense of curiosity, awe and deep interconnectedness like nothing else on Earth! 

Mindful Thoughts for Stargazers presents a constellation of meditations on how the mysteries of the outer universe connect us all more deeply to our inner universes.

Astronomer and ex-Zen monk Mark Westmoquette explores how astronomy proves to be an enlightening tool to transformative awareness-through shooting stars, eclipses and the journey of a photon, we discover how to find meaning and presence here and now.
  • Author: Mark Westmoquette
  • The Ivy Press
  • Hardback: 160 pages
  • Size: 135 x 110 mm

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