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Marsha By The Sea Pack of 10 'The Age of Aquarius' Postcards


This design celebrates a new astral era - the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. Yes, just like the song. Whether you're an astrology fan or not, the message of this new era is for everyone; let's live our lives for the greater good. Aquarius is a humanitarian - the water bearer whose cup flows over into the oceans and rivers - guiding an era of innovation for the benefit of the environment and for us all.

Our beautifully designed postcards are a favourite with customers. Frame them, pin them to a board, stick 'em on your fridge, use them as book marks or be a traditionalist and mail one to a friend or lover. These are heartfelt souvenirs from the seaside, capturing what life on the coast means to us at Marsha By The Sea.

Each pack contains 10 of this design, created in collaboration with Electric Carp. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.

P.S. We also sell poster versions!

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