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Little Grey Rabbit Goes To The Sea


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When Squirrel, Hare and Little Grey Rabbit come down with colds, their friends decide the only cure is a trip to the seaside. They pack a tent, a hamper and a bucket and spade and set off along the winding lanes to the sandy cove below the cliffs. It's not long before everyone is enjoying the bracing sea breeze and the rolling green tide. Water Rat and Hare swim in the shallows, Squirrel makes a cockleshell hat and dances near the waves. All of a sudden, mischievous seagulls descend; they steal Hare's red coat and Water Rat's frills! Will these naughty birds spoil the friends' special day out?

  • Author: Alison Utterley
  • Hardback: 48 pages
  • Size: 15 x 1 x 18 cm

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