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Le Baigneur Shaving Brush Grey European Badger


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Not just for traditionalists, re-discover the sharpness of a traditional shave with this classic shaving brush made with wild grey badger hair bristles (from Le Jura) that will last a lifetime. Assembled in Brittany.

Use with Le Baigneur's shave soaps No 1 and No 2.

Usage: Moisten the hairs of the brush with warm water for at least one minute and then drain slightly. Moisten your face with warm water. Whisk vigorously on the beard soap until a thick and creamy foam is obtained.
Apply circular movements to the foam on your face. This action is intended to dilate the pores of the skin and straighten the hair. Shave in the direction of the hair and rinse your face with cold water. Rinse and dry your shaving brush by suspending it, the hairs turned down. Empty the water remaining at the bottom of the bowl so that the soap can dry.

Material: beech wood, grey badger hair.

Size: 9cm.

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