Kerzon Menthe Poivrée Candle


Kerzon’s House is also famous for its garden, its edible landscape, its orchard and its botanical discoveries, sometimes brought from another corner of the world. At Marsha By The Sea, we adore collecting fro around the globe and this particular candle combines herbs and scents collected over years, travels and meetings. Menthe Poivrée evokes the sunset on a summer evening, a mojito in the shade of a palm tree. Its scent has green and camphor top notes, a heart from several mints and a sage base note. Light it and think of swinging in a hammock with a cocktail in hand.

Kerzon fragranced candles are prepared with great care from natural and biodegradable wax, a pure quality cotton wick and a subtle fragrance compound from a selection of raw materials of high quality.

Fragranced candle, 6.52oz

Previously known as the Voyage en Mediterranée 'Menthe et Thé'/'Mint and Tea' candle.