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Kerzon Hand Cleansing Spray Refill - Orange & Rhubarb


This bottle allows you to refill your 50ml spray 10 times, to clean your hands at will without water. A splash of freshness, the citrus blend extends an invitation to feel refreshed. The tonicity of grapefruit guarantees an energizing moment for your hands. The acidity of rhubarb injects soul into this shot of citrus, lacing it with a woody, intoxicating vetiver. An effective vitamin-packed remedy, this juicy friend is a day-long mood booster!

This cleansing sprays, concentrated in alcohol (Ethanol 96 °), effectively clean the hands, without water. Enriched with organic aloe vera and natural glycerin, its advanced formula eliminates everyday impurities. In an instant, your skin is clean, soft and deliciously perfumed.

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