Kerzon Fleur de Geranium Top To Toe Liquid Soap


Natural and gently scented, Kerzon’s liquid soap is hand-crafted in France, in the heart of Provence, based on natural vegetable oils with nourishing and protective properties. Its creamy texture is a source of comfort and gently cleanses all skin types. It is ideal for daily care of your body from head to toe by wrapping it with a subtle scent of Rose & Geranium essential oils. Biodegradable and manufactured in the respect of the environment, the soap comes from nature and returns there without leaving a trace. This is a classic scent that will appeal to all, invoking fresh summer breezes on the Mediterranean coast.

Layer the fragrance with the Fleur de Geranium Magic Hand Lotion.

Liquid soap from head to toe, 16.67fl.oz.

98% ingredients of natural origin, base of coconut oil and olive oil.

(Previously known as 'Vente Calme' Liquid Soap).

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