Kerzon Fleur Bleue Fragranced Candle


A fresh, clean fragrance from cult Parisian fragrance brand, Kerzon. Inspired by traditional lavender scents, Fleur Bleue is a sweet and sensual scent with top notes of Lavender and Amber Wood, updated by a twist of Bergamot scent from Italy. An aromatic mix of Rosemary, Balsam Fir and Vetiver settles in the heart notes and leaves a green base note of White Musk and Blackberry. This is a classic scent that will appeal to all, invoking fresh summer breezes on the Mediterranean coast.

Kerzon fragranced candles are prepared with great care from a perfect harmony between a natural and biodegradable wax, a pure quality cotton wick and a subtle fragrance compound from a selection of raw materials of high quality. Layer the fragrance with the Fleur Bleue Scented Sachets, Fragranced Linen Mist and Liquid Soap.


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