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Kapka Mind-Pop Purple Enamel Big Mezze Plate


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A fabulously colourful mezze plate from Turkish brand Kapka. The patterns and forms used in this Mind-Pop collection have never been tried in hand-made enamelware before... Each one of the items are made using dipping and brush spattering techniques to bring the lively colours on to your tables.

Founded by friends  Bilge, Sibel and Saime, Kapka is inspired by full dining tables, with friends and family for company. Each and every item is crafted by hand, using traditional methods. 

- Can be used outdoors in picnics, on the beach or anywhere you’d like.
- Can take falls and hits.
- The colors and illustrations won't fade – they’ve been heated up to 800 °C.
- Non-toxic paints.
- 100% recyclable.
- Can be washed in dishwasher without harm to color or design.
- Can be put in the freezer or oven up to 250 °C.
- Suitable for induction and normal oven cooking.
- Heats up quickly and keeps warmth.
- Keeps cold drinks and food cold.

Not recommended for microwave.

Size: 210 x 140 x 37 mm.

Material: Enamelware.


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