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Haeckels St John’s Cemetery / GPS 22’ 41”E Candle


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Like many of Margate-based Haeckels' products, this candle bears the name and GPS code of the location it is inspired by, and the ingredients it contains. A strange location but one filled with resinous pine and dark musk.

St John's Cemetery is a historical part of a town where the present and the past sit side by side; the location is surrounded by large pine trees which have been standing for many years whilst between these larger trees grows a huge number of unusual and unexpected trees which have thrived through cross-pollination and careful tending. A mist seems to always lay over this place which suits its subdued beauty, a place of natural important but also one which shows the relationship between life and death.

Top: intense, clean and resinous pine
Heart: green and moist
Base: dark musk

Burn Time Approx 40 Hours

Reusable double-walled glass contain, natural wax candle