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Marsha By The Sea Fifth Continent Candle


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This beautifully handmade candle from Marsha by The Sea, made from natural soy wax, is part of our Shoreliner home fragrance collection inspired by life on the edges of the land. Inspired by Dungeness, Britain’s only desert and also known as the Fifth Continent. With top notes of Palo Santo, Jasmine and Cedar, it conjures up visions of the ships that pass darkly in the nighttime channel off the tip of Dungeness. Bringing mysterious cargoes from the other side of the world, they offer only a brief wink of light to watchers huddled in their remote shoreline huts.

Marsha By The Sea celebrates life on the shoreline - on the boundaries, borders and edges of things. Bringing a seaside state of mind into your everyday life, we’re for salty air lovers and horizon gazers everywhere.

We strive to be as sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly as possible so this candle’s packaging is recyclable and the glass can be re-used for bits and bobs.

180g soy wax candle, natural cotton wick, 47 hours burn time. Made with love.

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