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Fatboy Bolleke Outdoor Cordless Light Taupe


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We use the Bolleke indoors wherever there isn't a handy socket. It's also perfect for lighting up outdoor spaces - try hanging it from a tree. It's a favourite with our customers, one of whom has used them to light up their boat as they sail around the world! Recharge it like your phone and take it anywhere - they're tough, practical and good-looking. We think looks a bit like a ship's buoy. There are three light settings so either shine it bright or create a softly-lit ambience. A true must have for any indoor or outdoor space.

The details:

  • 100 cm hanging loop, 20 cm diameter
  • 0.6 kg
  • 1.5 metre USB cable
  • 2700 Kelvin
  • 1 Watt
  • 38.6 Lumen
  • 3.7 Volt
  • The outside is made of HDPE, the innerpart of ABS and the loop of a silicone rubber
  • The Bolleke is designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • The Bolleke has 3 light settings
  • Battery life: Setting 1: 8 hours | Setting 2: 15 hours | Setting 3: 20 hours |
  • Fixed fitting (LED)

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