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Dreamscapes & Artificial Architecture


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We love the fantastical seaside locations dreamt up in this beautiful book! It's a journey through dreamlike landscapes, bizarre buildings, and whimsical interiors floating between reality and fantasy.

Digital renderings have long served architects and interior designers to help visualize spaces before the building begins. But a new generation of digital artists are taking this craft a step further to create otherworldly scenes that can’t, and won’t, ever be built.

This inspiring compilation of the most innovative projects in digital art covers the work of the artists and creatives at the forefront of this aesthetic. Discover Filip Hodas and his captivating pop culture dystopia artwork series, explore Massimo Colonna's surrealist urban landscapes and dive into the abstract compositions of Ezequiel Pini, founder of Six N. Five studio.

Hardcover 21 x 26cm

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