Carrier Company Children’s Smock Red


This is a kids' version of our pure cotton drill Traditional Norfolk Smock and they're perfect for keeping the wind off on a cool day and are wonderful after swimming - a beach staple. Buy them large, roll up the sleeves and let children grow into them, this way they last for years and can be handed down through the familly. 

We love Carrier Company for its well-made, timeless products that simply get better with age. Since 1995, single mum Tina Guillory has been creating and providing work for other local artisans; friends who hand-make her designs from their homes in Norfolk. Her designs are inspired by her environment: the canvas sails of dinghies in the creeks, weatherproof fisherman's Slops and oilskins, and forged steel from country blacksmiths. Guillory is drawn to natural and renewable fabrics like jute that work harmoniously with the landscape. Her designs are a constant favourite with our customers of all ages.

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