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At Marsha, we celebrate not just the ocean but the joy of bathing and it's restorative properties - whether in salt water or not. This is a showcase of 21st century wellness, from the protagonists linking ancient treatments with contemporary innovations to the spaces in which they practice.

Be Well delves into one of life’s greatest pleasures; a day spent rejuvenating the body and nourishing the spirit. Humans have practiced self-care for centuries—in the sweat lodges of the American Southwest, Roman baths, the hammams of the Ottoman Empire, Japanese onsens, and Finnish saunas.

Today, a new interest in self-care is redefining how we accomplish wellness, and there have never been more options. In our increasingly switched-on lives, a growing industry of highly choreographed experiences is geared to help us switch off. Be Well is a journey around the world’s most extraordinary spaces for achieving this, looking at the innovative practices they offer and how to carry them into everyday life.

Hardcover 21 x 26 cm

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