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A Sussex Guide: Salacious Sussex


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These ‘A Sussex Guide’ books are a constant favourite with our customers. Salacious means salty: not just the brininess of the sea, but of the spice-of-life-and-sometimes-death kind. It seemed the appropriate word to use for an invigorating gallop alongside the the fast-and-loose livers of Sussex-by-the-Sea, past and present. Some people try to claim that the filthing of Sussex is a result if the Brighton effect, the insidious metropolitan stain of London-sur-Mer oozing out over the rest of us, but history proves them wrong. It's not all down to Georgie Peorgie and his naughty puddings, pies and tarts. You would not believe what used to go on in Steyning of all places, who would have thought it. And if you believe that gang violence was something invented by asbo-wielding hoodies, wait until you meet the Hawkhurst tea barons or the Hastings Chopbacks and their spine-splitting cutlasses. In what other county could any one have pulled off a scam as eccentric as the Piltdown Man? Sussex is just as renowned for its darkside as for its natural sunny beauty, and Salacious Sussex is the book to celebrate it. 

  • Hardback.
  • Author: Viv Croote, forward by Simon Fanshawe.
  • Publisher: Snake River Press.
  • Size: 18.7cm x 11.5cm

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