Pleased To Meet Sky Face Mask MEDIUM


Pleased To Meet Sky Face Mask MEDIUM is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Let's put a smile on the face of our 'New Normal' lives. We believe that wearing masks can also be fun! Our friends at Pleased To Meet in Germany have designed their own small collection of cloth masks in their signature fabrics for you. These masks are made from a comfortable, double-layer, GOTs-certified organic cotton fabric, made in their local factory in Cologne. They are washable up to 95 ° Celsius and can also be treated with a steam iron. A pocket for an optional filter is sewn in for additional protection.

A built-in nose piece and adjustable rubber bands ensure additional comfort.

Material: Organic Cotton

Size: LARGE (Men) 1.3cm x 2.1cm, MEDIUM (Teens & Women)1.6cm x 1.8cm, SMALL (kids)

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