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Kerzon Hand Cleansing Spray & Refill Set - Mint & Fig


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This 100% recycled and recyclable set allows you to refill your 50ml spray 10 times, to clean your hands at will without water. Its formulation is based on a mix of natural glycerin and organic aloe vera, which leaves your skin soft, clean, and freshly scented, without the risk of any pesky allergen. With invigorating, cooling mint accompanied by ripe fig, its slightly powdery scent offers a moment of escape and a little daily treat.

The cleansing spray is pocket-sized - use it to keep your skin is clean, soft and deliciously perfumed.
Refill: 16.67fl.oz
Spray: 1.69fl.oz
The spray is concentrated in alcohol (Ethanol 96 °) and effectively cleans the hands without water. Enriched with organic aloe vera and natural glycerin, its advanced formula eliminates everyday impurities.  Ingredients: Alcohol denat, Aqua(water), glycerin, aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, parfum (fragrance). Allergen-free. *Certified organic ingredient

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