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The Nice Fleet Stinson Double Ring Float


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Floats are often fun or ugly but rarely are they simply elegant. But French brand The Nice Fleet has fixed that! The delicately chosen colours and watercolour motifs promise a poetic and sunny elsewhere - and here at Marsha we always believe it's summer somewhere. Each product bears the name of a destination with a special ambience, so swim and enjoy the pleasures of water in style with family or friends: XL buoys and large round mattresses for the big ones; armbands and balloons for the little ones...

Large inflatable Round mattress 1, 5m in diameter in pink-beige and emerald green, indispensable for lounging in the swimming pool or in the sea. Its palm print (on the front and back of the mattress) evokes the luxuriant nature of Bahia, Brazil.  
  • Each Nice Fleet product has been designed, engineered and thoroughly tested to suit every use. The PVC used was chosen for its flexibility and resistance. Its quality allows optimal recycling.
  • All products have been subjected to chemical and physical checks in order to comply with European Community standards.
  • Recyclable PVC: 0.25 mm.
  • Suitable for more than 14 years old.
  • Diameter: 120 cm / 47 inches. 
  • Delivered in a nice box with handle including a patch of repair in case of punctures.

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